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Take a flight in a dual controlled glider, with a qualified instructor. The glider will be towed up behind the tow-plane to a nearby hill or to 2000ft (dependent on conditions). You will fly within the Brecon Beacons National Park, and perhaps share a thermal with a buzzard or two.

The airfield is located in an idyllic setting, at the base of the Black Mountains, with panoramic views to the west.

During the 20-30 minute flight you will be invited to take the controls. Your instructor will help you understand how the controls work and you will fly the glider yourself.

This is a superb introduction to gliding.

Who can take a trial lesson

There are very few restrictions:-

  • Age - Very young children are unlikely to benefit from a flight but many 14 year olds are able to absorb the flight and have reached the physical size to manage the controls. We have active pilots aged 70-80 years old and so, provided the person is not too frail, age is no real barrier. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian to approve the flight.

  • Size - A maximum weight of 16 stone is a safety limitation, and people over 6ft 4 inches will not fit in the cockpit.

  • Fitness - Flying is not physically demanding. You should be able to get in and out of the cockpit and be able to sign a medical declaration. If you are under medication you may need to ask your GP for advice. You should not fly if you have a cold.

How to arrange a lesson

Send your name, address and a cheque for £60 to:-

Black Mountains Gliding Club
The Airfield

A flight voucher will be sent to you within a few days. If the voucher is a gift, we need the name of recipient to enter on the attractive gift voucher.

You may now book a flight slot by calling the club on 01874-711463, have some alternative dates just in case we are heavily booked. Flights are available 7 days a week during summer months and weekends only during winter months.

On the day

If you are travelling a reasonable distance, it pays to call the day before to ensure the weather is suitable.

Allow plenty of time, we want you to enjoy the whole experience and soak up the local atmosphere.

If the weather is suitable consider bringing a packed lunch (cold drinks and simple tea making facilities are available at the airfield).

Friends and family are welcome, children and pets must be under close supervision, airfields are potentially dangerous. Always follow the advice of the volunteer ground crew.

You will be asked to sign a medical indemnity and membership form. You automatically become a member for 28 days are entitled to further flights at club rates during the membership period.

You will receive a flight briefing and equipped with a parachute (although we would prefer you not to use it!!)

After the flight

Watch the flight operations for a while with your new understanding, maybe chat with club pilots. When you leave we sincerely hope you have fond memories of the day, and maybe a yearning to learn how to fly.

Follow on lessons

The trial lesson membership lasts for one month and so further lessons can be taken at the normal club rates. At the weekends you would normally be expected to take your turn with other members but it may be possible to book a particular slot during the week.

After that you can join the club as a permanent member. We are able to provide long training flights far more often than any other club in the UK which makes us an ideal place to learn the handling of the controls.

Gift Vouchers

Why not treat a friend or relative to a lesson. Gift vouchers are available and can be redeemed by the recipient at a mutually convenient date.