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Talgarth area

Click on a picture to see a larger version (normally around 25k in size).

On tow

Turning right shortly after take-off "from the gate" and going to the main ridge.

On the main ridge

Just after releasing from tow. At Y Das heading north east.

Heading back

Approaching Y Das whilst coming back.

Over the spine

With the south bowl on the right. Works in a west wind. With a little south in the west wind you can fly all the way down the Cwmdu valley which is way off to the right. Reverse the wind so it is blowing towards you and there is often wave in this position, though it seldom goes high.

A closer look

A closer look at the spine and the entrance to the south bowl. At this point you are about 1200 feet above the site which is only a mile away to your left. On the large version you can see the sheep !